Medi Non-Shaven FUE Endorsed by Celebrities

This technique is most suitable for those wishing for hair transplant but anxious about hairstyle after the surgery due to the needs to attending social events. Non-shaven FUE does not involve any “head shaving”, suture, and long cut that leaves visible scars. Patients can enjoy a new hairline immediately after surgery.

Technologically advanced equipment with small punches are utilised to excise the donor area, extract hair follicles and grafts and implant them in the desired areas. The new hairline is also personalised to fit with individual patient’s facial structure and shape.


Medi Non-Shaven FUE

Medi Non-Shaven FUE is widely practised in case of patients with needs to attend social events and to earn a living in professions where look is vitally important. Benefits of Medi Non-Shaven FUE include

  1. Hair transplant without visible scars
  2. Hair pattern nicely arranged
  3. No shaving at the back of the head
  4. Minuscule wounds, which are healable within 48 hours
  5. Able to wash hair immediately after surgery

Medi Non-Shaven FUE Surgical Procedure

Hair transplant is the extraction of healthy hair follicles from the occipital area (donor area) to implant in areas where hair density is low (recipient area). Hair grown in the donor area does not contain male hormonal receptor so it is not subject to hair loss in the future.

  1. The healthiest grafts in occipital area are identified and extracted by FUE Trivellini machine where patients do not have to shave their head and suffer from unpleasant surgical pain.
  2. Each cell of healthy grafts is carefully examined and selected in order to obtain a hair follicle, each of which will be soaked in the special solutions to enhance the strength of the cell and stimulate growth rate of the hair.
  3. Grafts are implanted in the recipient area with utmost care.

One month after hair transplant, the newly transplanted hair will gradually fall, which is not uncommon. What is most essential here are the hair roots that have already been planted carefully under scalp. Four months after, new hair will start to grow and remain where they are permanently.

What is the fee for Medi Non-Shaven FUE?

Fees for Medi Non-Shaven FUE depend on the number of grafts intended to implant, which are greatly varied among individual patients. Please rest assured that a team of medical professionals and staff at Medi Hair Clinic will provide the most appropriate treatments and special care to every patient in order to achieve the most desired result. For consultation and further enquiries, please contact us.

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