Hair Transplant with Medi Long Hair FUE. Small Wounds,Speedy Recovery, Enjoy Life Immediately after Surgery!


ขั้นตอนการปลูกผม medi long hair FUE

Benefits of Medi Long Hair FUE

• Newly grown hair is long right after the surgery, enabling patients to enjoy life and attend social events immediately.
• Result is immediately visible because long hair is transplanted to the designated area.
• The patients can wear short hair at the back of the head without any concern about the visibility of the scars . There is no need to wait for the hair to grow to conceal the scars  as in the conventional FUT.
• FUE reduces the chance of complications from surgery such as the possibility of cutting vessels  or nerves in the occipital region.
• Unlike FUT, FUE does not involve a long excision at the back and is, therefore, much less painful.
• The convalescence period is between 3-5 days where the wounds will heal themselves. The fact that suture is not required after surgery eliminates the necessity for the patients to visit the clinic again for stich  removal. 


Medi Long Hair FUE Surgical Procedures

  1. Doctor commences with assessment by making enquiries with patients, performing physical examination and checking conditions of patient’s hair and scalp.
  2. A new hairline is personalised and the overall shape is closely examined prior to surgery.
  3. The healthy-hair areas are identified, mostly occipital and parieto-temporal areas . Medi Long Hair FUE eliminates the necessity to shave the patient’s head.
  4. The patient is anaesthesised. Hair transplant requires surgery with the use of local anaesthesia.
  5. The doctor harvests hair at the occipital area with the use of mamba and Trivellini system that are specifically designed to accommodate long hair transplant. Healthy hair grafts are then extracted to implant in the desired areas.
  6. Grafts are carefully examined under microscope and trimmed to the most appropriate size prior to implanting at the designated areas. Grafts are soaked in the special solutions and put into the temperature-controlled storage to stimulate maximum growth rate. Because grafts are carefully prepared to fit the recipient area, the wounds from surgery are so minuscule that they are scarcely visible.
  7. Every surgical procedure is performed with utmost care and attention to details to ensure the most desirable result.

Case Reviews After Surgery